As a leading manufacturer in the private label sector,
we focus on the manufacture of private label products for leading discounters and retail chains in Poland and Europe.

For many years we have been one of the most serious players in the country. We are consistently solidifying our strong position in international markets.

Why do private label products play such an important role in today’s economic environment?


  • they are attractive to consumers because of their lower price (relative to brand-name products)
  • they stand out for their very high quality (value for money)
  • they are attractive to retail chains because of the potential for greater margins (relative to brand-name products)
  • they build customer loyalty and retail chain identity, reinforcing the attachment to a particular chain
  • they make product category segmentation possible, creation of a wide product range, from economy to premium
  • they make it possible to increase sales, both in mature and developing markets
pivate label sector

As part of the PCC SE Group we have a wide range of possibilities in building a unique private-label product portfolio.

It allows us to draw on the experience of the best experts, to access many sources directly, allows us to offer low prices while maintaining the highest quality.

Being part of the PCC Rokita Group, we are in continuous cooperation with other companies in the group. As a result, we have direct access to materials as well as the most up-to-date solutions in the chemical industry. Every day, our laboratories research and develop new, more advanced formulas. Everything so as to meet our Clients expectations and to fulfil their rising demands.

Cooperation at the highest level

As specialists in the area of cleaning and personal care products, we offer private label products for various market segments


When you are looking for top-shelf solutions


When you are interested in the most economical solution

value for money

When what counts is quality and price

Working with international corporations as well as family-owned businesses allows us to develop the highest standards of cooperation in seeking solutions for quality, logistics and economy.

We are always flexible, and adapt to individual needs and circumstances.