About us


PCC Consumer Products Kosmet is one of the largest producers of professional chemicals, cosmetics, disinfectants and household chemicals in Poland. The company specialises in the production of private label products, whose customers are the largest retail chains, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. We also cooperate with global corporations for whom products are manufactured under contract manufacturing. In addition, the Company is also developing a portfolio of its own brands.

Our presence in the PCC SE group provides us with a number of internal synergies, such as, among other things, raw material integration, access to state-of-the-art technologies and extensive research and development facilities. As a result, the company continues to enjoy a reputation as a valued and increasingly important business partner in Europe, setting market standards based on industry trends and customer needs. The company operates to the highest international quality standards, such as GMP, IFS, BRC, AISE, ISO. PCC Consumer Products Kosmet has been in business for 27 years.

With a consistent strategy of continuous growth, we are conquering new markets in European countries as well as in Asia and Africa.

Enter the world of chemistry and cosmetics with us

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We work to satisfy the needs of millions of our customers

We provide modern, effective and safe products

We care about customer satisfaction

We follow the path of sustainable development and we will stay on it

Our guiding principles


for years we have been guided by the principle that investment is a prerequisite for dynamic growth, which is why we have always focused on implementing new technologies and continuously investing in our employees.


their needs are the most important thing for us, the awareness that every day millions of people use our products is inspiring and mobilising, their satisfaction is the main and best measure of the quality of our work.


being part of the PCC SE Group gives us a number of unique opportunities, allows us to draw on the experience of the best specialists, reach out directly to many sources, allows us to offer low prices while maintaining the highest quality.


We are committed to making life easier, more pleasant and less stressful. We have a huge responsibility, which involves working continuously to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our products.

Co-financed projects

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Lower Silesian Regional Programme

Beneficiary: PCC CONSUMER PRODUCTS KOSMET Sp. z o.o. is implementing the project entitled:

Development of innovative super concentrates in the field of household chemistry products in order to achieve more efficient and sustainable cleaning in everyday life

based on agreement no.: RPDS-01-02-0109/15-00

Total project value: 263 493.41 PLN

European Funds contribution (grant): 143 905.46 PLN

The objective of the Project is to increase the innovativeness of the company through increased research and development activity. The project will result in a significant improvement in product performance and a reduction in environmental impact.

The project will be implemented in the period: July 2016 – December 2017.