Part of a global company PCC SE

Część globalnego koncernu PCC SE

Present in 16 european markets

Leading polish producer of household and industrial cleaning products and personal care products

Obecny na 16 światowych rynkach wiodący polski producent chemii gospodarczej, chemii profesjonalnej oraz kosmetyków

Passionate about chemistry

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of householdindustrial cleaning products and personal care products. The company specializes in making private label products, with the largest retail chains for the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Clients of PCC Consumer Products Kosmet also include global corporations for whom it manufactures products as a Contract Manufacturing.

Areas of our business

Private label

As a leading manufacturer in the private label sector, we focus on the manufacture of private label products for leading discounters and retail chains in Poland and Europe.
For many years we have been one of the most serious players in the country.


Contract manufacturing

For several years we have been active in contract manufacturing as well.
The resources at our disposal as well as a complete and modern supply network allow us to work with well-known international corporations.


Own Brand

We are also a manufacturer of industrial cleaning products for use in various types of public institutions as well as various branches of industry. The company can boast of a rich and interesting portfolio of quality personal care products and cleaning products under our own brands.


Our Brands

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