Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet has been involved in contract manufacturing of chemical products and cosmetics for several years.

The resources at our disposal and our complete and modern production facilities enable us to cooperate with well-known concerns with an international reach. It is for them that the company manufactures a variety of chemical products as part of contract manufacturing.

When you choose us, you choose:


As specialists in the areas of household chemicals and cosmetics, we offer private label production in various segments:

Synergy with the PCC Group

Raw material integration, R&D cooperation (use of research facilities, experience - mainly with PCC Exol and PCC Rokita)


full confidentiality of information (confirmed by over 25 years of experience in the industry)

Comprehensive approach

comprehensive formulation development (formulation, production, packaging and logistics)

High quality

the best components only from trusted and verified suppliers


professional and comprehensive service


guarantee of quality and delivery times, individually agreed terms of cooperation


scalable capacities

Our scope of services