Sustainable development

Operating in international markets, PCC Consumer Products Kosmet considers sustainability as one of the key elements of its strategy. Following this line of thought, sustainable development is therefore a key aspect in all areas of management and in every operational process of the company.

We care about the climate

At PCC Consumer Products Kosmet, we identify and then control a wide range of environmental areas, such as wastewater generation, waste and water consumption, for example.

Industrial water consumption below 30000 m3/year

Reduction of municipal waste by 4 m3/month


Our mission statement states:
“We have chosen quality, cleanliness and safety.”
It places specific responsibilities on us towards the environment.

The welfare of future generations as a priority
Both in production and in research and development of new products, we minimise the negative environmental effects of our activities.

PCC Greenline - green chemistry

Today, sustainability is an integral part of the global economy.

Modern chemistry was one of the first industries to include environmental aspects in its strategy.

Our products are Ecolabel certified

“Ecolabel” is the official European label awarded to products with a reduced environmental impact. Products with the EU Ecolabel – from raw materials to production, packaging, distribution and sale – are assessed by independent experts. All this is done to objectively ensure that they meet criteria proving their limited environmental impact.


eco kitchen cleaner white currant


eco bathroom cleaner grape & apple


eco washing up liquid pear & gooseberry


eco glass cleaner lemon & jasmine


eco universal cleaner poppy & acacia


eco toilet gel chokeberry