PCC Consumer Products Kosmet is also a valued manufacturer of industrial cleaning products for use, among other areas, in:


all types of public institutions, including in hospitals and schools


food industry

The highest quality components as well as the innovative technological solutions used in the creation of individual product lines guarantee a wide spectrum of applications for our products.

PCC CP Kosmet’s professional cleaning products portfolio can be divided into several groups:

Industrial cleaning products ROKO

Product lines for cleaning companies as well as for institutions such as hospitals, schools, hotels or restaurants.

Cleaning products are technologically advanced. Thanks to their effectiveness and universality we have achieved leader status in the market for industrial products. Recently, PCC CP Kosmet added the new line ROKO HORECA. These were created especially with the demands of the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) industry in mind. Innovative technological solutions ensure the highest qualit.

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ROKO Agro Industrial cleaning products

Innovative series of professional products created for agriculture.

These find applications in the maintenance of udder hygiene, in barns and in pigsties, guarantee the highest level of purity and safety.

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Industrial cleaning products for food industry

Professional products with wide use in the food industry.

Their dependability and utility are most appreciated by large meat-processing facilities, food-processing companies or dairies. Used with great success, they make PCC Consumer Products Kosmet a trusted partner, at the same time raising the prestige of a brand.

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